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Balls To Mouth Gag


This unique gag connects your playthings mouth to your balls while they are stretched! Wear it while you masturbate so they are forced to suck your scrotum, or just keep their face stuffed in your groin to remind them of their place! The stretcher will tug down on your balls while you wear it, creating pleasure sensations as you get closer and closer to the edge. Adjust it between two levels of tightness with the easy to use snap closures. The strap that wraps around your partner's head is also easy to adjust, with a locking buckle that will ensure they have no hope for escape! A velvety interior will feel soft against their cheeks as they are kept in their predicament!

Head Strap:
Diameter: Adjustable from 19″ to 24″
Ball Strap: Length: 2″ , Diameter: Adjustable from 1.2″ to 1.6″

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Manufacturer Strict
Material PU Leather, metal
Color Black