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Apartment Girls


....For A Good Time.

Linda Talley and her nympho sexpots are APARTMENT GIRLS. Watch them fuck. That's all they do. Morning, noon, and night, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Along with a couple of her titular neighbors, a sexy pixy with a penchant for facials, and a big blonde who craves cock with every breath, they wander from one man's bedroom to another until the sun goes down and everyone gets together for an orgy of substantial deviancy. Whether you're craving all out hardcore fucking or just want a glimpse into the glory days when shooting porn could land you in jail, APARTMENT GIRLS will turn your knees to jelly.
Apartment Girls was filmed at a time when shooting pornography was illegal. Many of the actors in this film remain anonymous.

Director: Bernard Laszio.
Starring: Justine D'Ore, Lilly Foster, Linda Talley, Orita De Chadwick, Adam Ward, Gene Rowland, Larry Thomas.

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Studio Cal Vista
Released 2009
Run time 1 h