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Jonathan Agassi sneaks into a porn shop late at night, wandering the pornographic maze of private jerk-off booths. Each video becomes his personal fantasy as we watch sweaty aggressive studs Adam Killian and Scott Carter fuck hard. Adrian Long pounds real life boyfriend Brandon Jones. Alexy Tyler fucks tattooed muscle man Junior Stellano. Rafael Carreras dominates Ryan Russel with his massive cock and a dildo double penetration. Power performer Jonathan Agassi himself passionately flip-fucks gorgeous Gabriel Lenfant! Make your fantasies come true as you slip into the backdoor.

Director: Michael Lucas.
Starring: Adam Killian, Adrian Long, Alexy Tyler, Brandon Jones, Gabriel Lenfant, Jonathan Agassi, Junior Stellano, Rafael Carreras, Ryan Russell, Scott Carter.

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DVD 879867001532
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Studio Lucas Entertainment
Released 2011
Run time 2 h 41 min