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Bad Girls


They Will Burst Your Zipper!

The masterpiece of tease - introducing four stunningly beautiful girls never before seen on an adult screen in the greatest tease movie ever. Everyone loves to be turned on and we all know that the tease or foreplay is the essence of eroticism. Now, for the first time, there is a movie that has teasing and tantalizing situations extensively developed prior to any lovemaking scenes. That movie is Bad Girls and the impact of it is sensational. Bad Girls will have you climaxing... we guarantee it!

Director: David L. Frazer, Svetlana.
Starring: Anna Ventura, Copper Penny, Erica Johnston, Lee Caroll, Lenora Bruce, Leslie Winston, Lisa Lang, Pia Snow, Sylvia Benedict, Victoria Knoll, John Leslie, Kevin James, Michael Snow, Mike Feline, Mike Ranger, Randy West, Richard Pacheco, Ron Jeremy.

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Studio VCX
Released 2002
Run time 1 h 22 min