Want to save $40, $70, $100, or even more? How?

All you need is just choose and buy minimum 20 DVD's, any titles.

And you get $2 off from every DVD you buying.
Plus our 1% rewards and free shipping, as usually.

So,it easy math.

Starting from 20 DVD you get $2 discount and save $40.
Buying 25 = $50 saving.
Buying 50 = $100 saving, and so on.

When ready to buy, just apply coupon code MIX20 in shopping cart and get $2 discount per DVD or $40 total.

Want to buy more 20 and save more - then do the same procedure and apply code MIX.. where digits is equal amount of buying DVD's.
For example,if buying 25 DVD - code will be MIX25, if 30 - code MIX30, if 34 - MIX34, if 42 - MIX42, etc.

If you need more than 50 DVD,contact us to receive suitable code.

Choose in stock titles only and remember - coupons eligible from 20 DVD's and up!

Enjoy your savings!

Now we offer DVD request service.

Even we adding new titles every day, is impossible to handle huge amount of releasing DVD's. 
That's why we decide to start that service.

It means if you want to buy some DVD, but did not find it in our store at the moment, you can ask us to find this title.
We check out inventory or contact studio and if found - send you confirmation about it's price.

If you agree, then just pay pre-order and DVD from our inventory will be send next day as usually.
If DVD coming from studio - then need to wait some days.

Request should be written in the next format:

Studio - Title - UPC # ( if known ) - DVD cover link ( if possible ) - Desired quantity ( optional )

Write inquiry via our support@adultdvd.deals with "Request" subject.

Make business with us.

We offer FREE Drop Ship service!

If you are small business owner or just online/offline DVD seller, it help you to save money on postage fee.
No need inventory to stock, no high overhead costs.

Just place order as usually, and write your customer shipping address in order comments.
Order will be ship next day under your company name and address on the packing slip and with no price invoice inside.

Just DVD, your customer paid you.

That's it.