Big Dicks Rule

I've always liked big dicks and I haven't been able to stay away from them, no matter how hard I've tried, even when I got married. My husband isn't teeny tiny, but he's merely average sized and I'm afraid that's just not going to cut it with a size queen like myself. I like more, most women do, and ones that tell you it doesn't really matter, well, they are just trying to spare your feelings and not make you feel inadequate, but given the choice, we will pick large. Every single time. Big dicks just satisfy you more, fill you up better, stretch you out to a most pleasurable degree.

I told my husband when we married I loved him, but I was always going to need more than he could give me in the bedroom, so I hoped he was ok with a cuckold relationship. He reluctantly agreed and I've been seeing other men since we first met. He does like to watch me get fucked by big dicks right in front of him as he rubs his much smaller cock and wishes he too could fill me up like my lovers do. He's been good about being a good cleanup boy and I do still let him fuck me, though I can honestly say I cannot feel it that much when he does, especially if he fucks me after one of my lovers does and I'm filled with all of his cum and a bit stretched out.

I have asked a few times if it was indeed in yet, and the crestfallen look on his face when I have, well, I know it's hurt him, but I genuinely didn't know if he'd penetrated me yet. Big dicks and the guys that have them, well, they just fill out a pair of pants in a whole different way than a guy does with a smaller cock, that is unless they are stuffing it with socks! I was with a guy last night and I bet he was seriously pushing eleven inches, I didn't know if I'd be able to take it all in. He had to use a lot of lube and my husband was watching with eyes as wide as saucers as this guy fucked me. I was biting my lip in pain a bit as he slid it in it was so thick and long.

I know he was well over double the size of my average husband's cock, but I was able to take it all. After a while my pussy grew accustomed to it and I was able to take it all in and feel it stretch me to the very maximum I could stand. I was seriously walking a bit weird for a few hours after I'd been so put through the paces with that monster cock of his. My hubby came to me after he left and licked out all of the cum that was still dripping out of me, lapped it up like cream. He then asked if he could fuck me and I said go ahead, but I couldn't feel much after the first guy was finished. Yes, big dicks have given me a lot of pleasure over the years, and I've no intention of stopping the fun now.

- Sharon

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