Big Titted Gals

Most men like large breasts on a woman. Not one hundred percent of course, but most have a fixation with them and seek out a partner with large breasts if the option is available. They are fun to kiss, suck, fondle, squeeze and one sexual activity man enjoy with buxom gals is a titty fuck. A woman with smaller breasts is just physically unable to give a guy a tit fuck, they just aren't big enough to press together to close around the hard cock. A woman with A sized cups is just never going to be able to accomplish this.

The popularity of porn over the last forty years has seen an explosion in women getting breast implants to compete with the bodies of porn actresses who have in many cases paid to have their breasts augmented. Just think back to fifty years ago, with no internet, very small amounts of programs on television available and no nudity on t.v. at all, the number of nude females most men would be exposed to in an entire lifetime is less than most males would see in today's world in one day. Now men are used to seeing women's nude bodies, many with breast implants and looking much more perfect than the real day to day women they are in contact with, so the real women they are in contact with pale in comparison to the beauties online and in the porn movies they watch.

Men for the most part like women with big tits, they are just softer and cuddlier to play with and fuck. So many guys love to mark a woman up by shooting their cum all over their full tits, watching as drips down their nipples in rivulets. Riding them in the woman on top position, boobs bouncing wildly, nipples hard with arousal, ready to be toyed with as they fuck. Many women with smaller breasts feel inadequate at times when they lack the ample bosom and the cleavage that goes along with it to attract guys. Now that's not to say your breasts are the only feature that attract men, far from it, but a good set of tits will likely give you a bigger pool of interested candidates to choose from in the first place.

Some men have a fetish for breasts and breast milk and actively search for nursing women to fulfill that. You can even make a woman lactate with regular sucking sessions and or use of a breast pump. It takes dedication and a strict schedule, but it can be done if you're determined enough to do so. Men will go to all kinds of lengths to satisfy their craving for having a big titted partner. Most men prefer natural tits, but will take larger though artificial ones over small ones in many cases. Do you find you gravitate towards watching big titted porn movies? Do women having oversized breasts really arouse you so much more than smaller breasted or average sized breasted women? Does shooting your cum load all over big tits make you feel you have marked your partner? Big tits, enjoyed by men everywhere...

- ADD staff

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