Cheating wife

am a cheating wife. I make no apologies for it. My husband has more important things to do apparently than make love to his wife or show me any appreciation. He's a good breadwinner and has afforded me and our teenagers a comfortable life, I'll give him that. But he has no real interest in me sexually and hasn't for many years. So I've looked elsewhere. I've not rubbed his nose in it or cheated with his friends he might hear about, I've found other men to pay attention to me and I have a strong libido and got sick of masturbating.

The man next door is in a bit of a similar situation, his wife shut down sexually years ago and has zero interest in rekindling their relationship. So we've found comfort and companionship in one another and have fun as often as our schedules allow for. His wife is a workaholic like my husband, so they are both gone a lot and that suits me fine, it allows us time to play together and I've no complaints. He's a fantastic lover and I don't understand why his wife has abandoned him sexually, I think he's a very generous lover and I'm happy to have him service my pussy any time we can get together.

Last night we were able to have some fun, his wife was out of town on business and my husband was out of town at his brothers, and I went over to his house next door and he led me to the bedroom and he laid me out on the bed and stripped my clothes off and kissed up and down my body, teasing my pussy with his tongue and licking my clit. I was so turned on, he's the best pussy licker I've ever been with and no one gets me as wet as he does.

After he went to town on my pussy, he slid that glorious, fat, throbbing cock of his inside of me and fucked me hard. He always stretches me open, and I wrapped my legs around him all nice and tight. I had my arms wrapped around him and ran my fingers through his hair and could feel his breath on my neck as he made love to me. Soft music played in the background and with every thrust he got me closer and closer to cumming. I finally exploded and then felt a gush of his hot semen inside of me as my contractions milked him dry.

We laid in one another's arms in his marriage bed and I didn't feel the slightest bit of guilt in any way, even though I was cheating on my husband and he on his wife. Neither of us got so much as a scrap of affection from either, yet we both felt tied for various reasons not to leave. I will continue to fuck my neighbor and suck his cock and please him any time we can get some alone time together. Being a horny MILF can have its perks, that's for sure.

- Sharon

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