Swinging Couples

any couples like to engage in the swinging lifestyle. It enhances their sex life and also allows them to be with other partners with their own spouses permission. Most couples that are having sex with people other than their partner are doing so behind their back, in secret. Swingers not only know about their partners being with others, they are excited by it and like to watch and swap with the partner of the one their partner is with. It's also called wife swapping. Swingers groups can be a tight knit one of several couples that all interact with one another. There can also be full fledged swingers conventions where thousands of couples will interact with many others they've never even met at an organized event. Many times such conventions require you to come with blood test results proving you are disease free.

The history of swinging and swapping is a long one, and in many cultures throughout the world, it is by no means a modern invention. On average swingers have happier relationships than non swingers, due to the "open door policy" of the relationship. No need to lie or sneak around if your partner is totally fine with you playing around, because they will be as well. Unlike the cuckold type of relationship where just the woman is having relations with other men while the man abstains and is basically made a fool of, in a swinging relationship, everyone is having fun.

Not everyone is looking for a non monogamous relationship, nor is everyone social, and ones into swinging are about as social as it gets. Sex is the basis of the swingers social lives. They like to have fun and experiment and let their partner do the same. If everyone is in agreement, fine, they will find no shortage of couples willing to swap and play with them. Most in a swingers club or group are indeed couples, singles just don't fit in the same and would leave the group with an odd number, so someone's going to just have to watch if everyone isn't paired up, or take turns.

It's interesting that so many couples not into swinging seek out extramarital sex which they keep private, yet ones into swinging are a much smaller percentage of the population and are open about it. I guess it just seems more natural to keep things hidden and secret from your partner, so even though many aren't adverse to having sex outside their relationships, they are adverse to being open about it, that is the difference.

Most swingers would claim they have stronger marriages than non swingers, because they aren't having sex with other people to find someone better and leave their partner like many do if they get a girlfriend on the side in a marriage they may leave their wife for, it's all about the being upfront and there not being any lying about it. It's when couples are leading secret, separate lives that real problems start, not when the couple is upfront about their interactions with others. So while the swinging lifestyle isn't for all couples, the ones into it seem to feel it strengthens and enhances their relationship and add a lot of fun and sexual satisfaction as well.

- ADD staff

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