The Most Annoying Questions

Pornstar Asia Carrera answers on some of these.

How can I get into porno movies?

This is one fantasy that's better left as a fantasy. There's a reason why you always see the same guys over and over in every movie. It's because there are very, very few guys who can perform on command under the demanding, grueling circumstances of shooting a movie. Imagine: it's 5am, you're exhausted, 15 crew guys are grouchy and waiting on you to perform so they can go home. They're giving you nasty looks while you're trying to get hard in the freezing cold, buck naked, on your aching knees on the cold metal hood of a car. The girl, who isn't even very attractive close up, is off set with her boyfriend, smoking a cigarette until you're ready. You're wanking in the cold with an audience of 15 impatient guys, knowing that if you don't get hard, word will spread instantly that you are not reliable. And if you don't come on cue, forcing them to reshoot the scene, you will never be hired again. Directors can't afford delays or failed scenes - so they simply refuse to hire new guys. The way to get around this is by bringing a hot new girl with you, and saying she'll only work with you. Fresh meat is worth its weight in gold around here.

Do porn guys really have bigger dicks?

Some of the guys do have monster weenies, but most of them are around 6-7 inches. It's more important to have a reliable dick than a big one, as proven by Randy West. I personally hate big dicks, and I won't work with anyone 8 or more inches if I can help it. Most of the girls in our business agree, when shooting a long sex scene or more than one scene in a day, smaller is definitely better! You can reach my G-spot just fine with your finger, so anything else is redundant!

How do they shoot those monster loads?

Peter North is just lucky. There isn't any secret special sauce, no injections, no double prostate. Most of the guys avoid having sex at home the night before a scene, because the more you pop the smaller your load gets. And some of the guys find that eating extra protein helps, so they'll eat some protein bars or nutrient shakes in the morning. I never notice any difference though. :)

How much do adult film stars make?

This must be the only place in the world where guys get paid less than girls, and we call all the shots. (feminists take note!) Guys get a couple hundred per scene. New girls can get between five and six hundred for a boy/girl scene, and the rate jumps as you become a bigger star. Contract girls get paid by the movie, instead of by the scene, and they make thousands of dollars per movie. Then the stars go on the road dancing, which earns from $2500-$15,000 a week, not including tips, polaroids, etc. It's good money, but remember, when you're still working at 40 or 50, we're out of a job!

What about AIDS and pregnancy?

We have to get a new AIDS test every thirty days. We cannot work without a certified copy of our test results present at the set where we are working, and they are photocopied at every shoot and kept on file with a copy of 2 forms of ID. Since we tend to only date and sleep with other people within our industry, we are actually probably one of the safest groups around. How often do you guys swap AIDS tests before having sex with someone you meet at a bar or club? As for pregnancy, most of the girls are on the pill, but others use diaphragms or condoms. Risk of pregnancy is also lessened by the fact that the guy's cum shots are always external.

What's it like on a porno set?

Very professional. It's just a job for us, and everyone's jaded from seeing every possible sex act shot a million different ways, so it's no big deal. There's no screwing in the closets, no orgys, nothing like that. The eroticism is lost when they cut because the anal scene was getting messy, the guy's knees are getting rug burn, the girl just started her period... I'm amazed the male star can keep a hardon with some of the stuff that happens on set! The days are long (14-18 hours), and shooting several days back to back is extremely exhausting, so everyone grabs a nap whenever they can. Spending so many hours together day in and day out does let you see what people are really like, and it's interesting to see who's still nice at 4am after five 18-hour days...

How do you keep your bits so clean shaven and smooth?

I just use a double-bladed razor with the little 'moisture-strip', nothing special. Don't shave every day, or even every other day, if you can help it, and that will help a lot with avoiding the little red bumpies and ingrown hairs. I always try to skip shaving for a couple days before a shoot, and then I'll shave at the end of a long, hot shower (that softens everything up) on the morning of the shoot. For stubborn red bumps, shaving nicks, etc, we often just dab a bit of foundation and powder on the area for cover up - but don't use makeup if you're wearing white/light lingerie, because it WILL smudge and stain if you're not super careful!

- Asia Carrera

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