Mix & Save !

Want to save $40, $70, $100, or even more? How?

All you need is just choose and buy minimum 20 DVD's, any titles.

And you get $2 off from every DVD you buying.
Plus our 1% rewards and free shipping, as usually.

So,it easy math.

Starting from 20 DVD you get $2 discount and save $40.
Buying 25 = $50 saving.
Buying 50 = $100 saving, and so on.

When ready to buy, just apply coupon code MIX20 in shopping cart and get $2 discount per DVD or $40 total.

Want to buy more 20 and save more - then do the same procedure and apply code MIX.. where digits is equal amount of buying DVD's.
For example,if buying 25 DVD - code will be MIX25, if 30 - code MIX30, if 34 - MIX34, if 42 - MIX42, etc.

If you need more than 50 DVD,contact us to receive suitable code.

Choose in stock titles only and remember - coupons eligible from 20 DVD's and up!

Enjoy your savings!

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