"Hey, look at the tits on that bitch!" somebody yelled, and Linda Blame blushed, a quick tremor of fear passing through her.

"Want a ride, honey?" someone else screamed a moment after.

It was night, and Linda was walking to the Eastport bus for the long trip back home. The Bulls had just lost the biggest game of the season by thirty-five points, and the worst thing of all was that they had lost it to a small-town school.

Linda, who was the head of the Eastport cheerleading squad, had never felt worse in her life.

"Hey, isn't that the Eastport bitch?" a girl's voice shouted. "That fucking big-titted cheerleader who flipped me off in the second quarter?"

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Kim Baker was a lovely teenaged girl with an exceptionally trim figure and long blonde hair that cascaded down over her shoulders. Because her mother was leaving tomorrow to spend a few weeks with a cousin in California, Kim had invited her friend, Angela Weaver, to come over and stay at her house.

Angela was a cute hot-assed redhead who'd lost her cherry to her stepfather three years ago, and the horny girl had been fucking like a mink ever since. Though Kim wasn't a prude, the cute girl had never been laid, but she got a kick out of the way Angela always vividly described her many sexual encounters.

Because Kim's eighteen-year-old brother, Don, had been away at school, this was the first time Angela had ever met him, and she really flipped over the big handsome teen. That night at dinner, Angela couldn't keep her eyes off the young man. The sight of him made her sizzling cunt ooze with uncontrollable desires.

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