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Buttman At Nudes A Poppin' 11


The Biggest Erotic Dancer Show In The World!

From 10 am in the morning until nearly 7 pm at night we're shooting the biggest strippers' contest in the world. There are more sexy naked bodies per square foot at Nudes A Poppin' than anywhere else on Earth! Strippers come from all over the country to compete in various contests: Miss Nude Universe, Best Showgirl, Best Go Go Dancer, Best Butt, Best Breasts, etc. But the best part of the show for me is that in addition to the stage competition the girls all pose for the crowd at intimate posing stations all over the contest area. I love shooting this stuff because the girls are all showing off the sexy moves they've developed at their various home clubs. And they're competing with each other! As always, I run around like a mad man shooting as much as I can - but I couldn't possibly shoot it all. I have the experienced help of Big John coaxing the sexiest butt shots out of these girls, as well as Tricia Devereaux capturing a female perspective on all these luscious performers.

Director: John Stagliano.

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Studio Evil Angel Video
Released 2001
Run time 2 h 16 min