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Kings Of New York: Season 1


New York... eight million people all clawing their way to the top. The city is consumed by ambition and everyone is used as a ladder. The ones who have made it understood the cost and have sold whatever and whoever they had to. Fame, control, money, and sex: it's all about the reign of power. It's all about being a king.

Lucas Entertainment merges mainstream entertainment with adult world in this new edgy series. Jessy Ares performs and rises to the top with club boss Landon Conrad. Exclusive Vito Gallo proves he has taste with fellow chef Rod Daily. Mitchell Rock breaks in newbie Manhattan model Sebastian Rossi. Radio host and doctor Adam Killian works out his new patient D.O. Trenton Ducati shows Brice Banyan the ropes to NYC nightlife.

Starring: Adam Killian, Connor Kline, D.O., Jessy Ares, Landon Conrad, Michael Lucas, Mitchell Rock, Rod Daily, Sebastian Rossi, Trenton Ducati, Vito Gallo.

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Studio Lucas Entertainment
Released 2013
Run time 3 h 2 min