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She-Male Toga Party


A coming out like no other!

Chrissie (Julie Bond), the most popular she male on campus, is planning the senior toga party orgy with her friends Darlene and Greg (AJA & Brandon Wells). But Tom (Chris Clayton), who dislikes she males, is trying to sabotage their plans. Don't worry! The she males thwart Tom's scheme when the most beautiful she male (Jackie James) seduces him! However, voluptuous Miss Crochette (Superstar Sulka) has found out about the orgy and wants it stopped! Leave it to Chrissie to convince Miss Crochette, who ultimately joins the wildly successful toga party herself!

Director: Kim Christy.
Starring: Aja, Sulka, Coco Chanel, Julie Bond, Brandon Wells, Cameron Kelly, Chris Clayton.

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Studio Vidco Entertainment
Released 2004
Run time 1 h