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Teenage Madam


This feature takes you on a trip through the heads of the madam and her stable of working ladies via a young and naive psychiatrist. The doctor meets Rose (Desiree West), a madam of a brothel. He arranges to meet her and her ladies on an intellectual basis to discuss their innermost thoughts as to why they do what they do. The doctor arrives at the brothel and is greeted by one of the ladies. She escorts him through the house, showing him what is going on, while trying to locate Rose. When they locate her she introduces him to each of the ladies. Dr. Gonad talks to each separately and each takes him back to their past. That is, their first sexual encounter, where you are treated to flashbacks of steamy detail. Desiree West and John Holmes shine in this all time classic!

Director: Rik Taziner.
Starring: Bonnie Holiday, Desiree West, Kathy Marsh, Laurie Saint, Kristine Heller, Vicky Kaufman, Bill Clover, John Seeman, John Holmes, Jack Wright, Paul Thomas.

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Studio Gourmet Video
Released 2008
Run time 56 min