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Adriano Slobber Jobs 4 Pack


Customers have long asked for a price break on Evil Angel product, and here it is! Leading director Mike Adriano presents a fan friendly concept: the thematic, specially priced multi DVD set. Adriano Slobber Jobs 4-Pack includes four of the director’s signature oral showcases, each on a full length, fully appointed DVD. Adriano Slobber Jobs 4-Pack is priced the same as Evil Angel’s regular, single discs, and the content lives up to Evil Angel standards — all four movies are recent best sellers. The movies are unedited and the DVDs, including all original features, come in a slim, single DVD case, so the 4-Pack won’t take lots of shelf space. These DVDs are of the exact same quality as our new releases, offering top notch material from one of our most popular filmmakers. The four movies in Adriano Slobber Jobs 4-Pack are Sloppy Cocksuckers, Sloppy Cocksuckers #2, Throat Training, and Slurpy Throatsluts #2.

Director: Mike Adriano.

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Studio Mike Adriano Media
Released 2016
Run time 12 h 46 min