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Between The Lines


Bored Czech housewife Meridian daydreams of life in a better world. Her days are spent in a shoddy apartment, with an even shoddier husband. She flees from her mundane existence by turning to her ancient keyboard and composing lush romances laced with lust and desire In her daydreams, Romans enjoy a festive orgy in honor of their new emperor an army deserter is lured back into action by Meridian and Sandra Russo via a sizzling three-way in the rain and, in her final fantasy, Meridian transforms her husband into a dashing prince from her country's ancient past. Her world enriched by her literary musings, Meridian concludes her cinematic story within-a-story by observing, "Without fantasy... there is no life!"

Director: Richard Mailer.
Starring: Aneta Curtis, Camilla Krabbe, Jessica Dee, Meridian, Monika, Nancy Lee, Sandra Russo, Velma Dobry, Bobi, George Uhl, Jakub, Johnny Slovak, Julian St. Jox, Peter Rain, Reinhardt, Robert Rosenberg.

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Studio Wicked Pictures
Released 2003
Run time 1 h 44 min