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Domina Bootcamp


Lust from the past.

Let's get physical! A workout you won't believe!

This movie is all about Tight Bondage and Domination.
A clever story between Jewell Marceau and Anastasia Pierce. Eight scenes and almost two hours long!

Jewell is a beautiful curvy women trying to better her body and to do so, she seeks the help of personal trainer Anastasia. The personal trainer has some very unusual methods to get her into shape. Real exercises, real situations but all of them while in bondage with lots of discipline. And both in so many skimpy fetish outfits. This Domina Bootcamp is going to take Jewell through some crazy workouts. Some examples are: sit-ups in a straight jacket in ballet boots and while gagged. Or some squats in 6 inch heels, while tied to a pole with weights pulling her down. Or watch her on a stair climber with nipple and pussy clamps keeping her in place. You are going to be very entertained and will enjoy the many sexual situations… Let's get Physical!

Director: Anastasia Pierce.
Starring: Anastasia Pierce, Jewell Marceau.

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Studio Anastasia Pierce Productions
Released 2014
Run time 1 h 57 min