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Fleshed Out


Lena (Kimberly Kane) is a cynical nymphomaniac whose idea of a good time is to hang out at the local sex club with her fuck buddy Dan (Evan Stone). Lena's worst nightmare is to be locked down into a serious relationship. As far as Lena is concerned, relationships ruin everything; Love is a lie and lovers are liars.To prove her point, she decides to take out her disgust on Maggie and Gerry (Hillary Scott and Voodoo), a seemingly sweet couple whom Lena catches cuddling at a local cafe. Lena seduces Gerry in the cafe bathroom and makes no bones in letting Maggie know it was her. What Lena doesn't realize, however, is that Maggie is not the innocent girl she appears to be, but rather a psychotic detective with a taste for sadism and a highly evolved sense of propriety.That night, Maggie exacts her revenge on Lena, kidnapping her and paralyzing her with anesthetic to turn Lena into a sex slave for the pleasure of she and her fiance. But, as the night goes on and it becomes clear that Maggie wants to not only use Lena's body, but to destroy it completely. Gerry begins to lose his nerve about going through with his fiance's increasingly diabolical plan.Is Lena right that love is a lie? Will Maggie and Gerry stay together long enough to finish Lena off or will Lena live to fuck another day? Or will they all be fleshed out come sunrise?

Director: David Stanley.
Starring: Hillary Scott, Kimberly Kane, Mika Tan, Nikki Rhodes, Evan Stone, Justin Long, Mikey Butders, Mr. Pete, Tommy Gunn, Voodoo.

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Studio Sex Z Pictures
Released 2009
Run time 1 h 30 min