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Gay Culture


If you want to see the seedier, hardcore side of ‘Gay Culture’ look no further than this latest release from Private Man. This 5 scene movie is set in the beautiful city of Budapest where we enter the luxurious realm of Rodney Borzio. Rodney is one of the main players in the real estate world, he’s a self made millionaire and his gorgeous grandson Luke wants for nothing. However, spoiled with riches, glamour and luxury, Luke is just not satisfied. He decides that there is more to life than lounging about all day and shopping (although, it sounds pretty good to us!) He wants to put all that money to good use and decides to establish a Palace for Fine Arts. Little does his grandfather know that it’s a cover to help Luke explore his fascination with the sex games played in the era of ancient Greece. Luke wants to recreate those hardcore debauched scenes, those orgies and most of all that feasting on hard cocks! Then Luke meets a powerful Senator who he leads into this world of debauchery and hard gay sex, corrupting the Senator and turning him into the ‘patron’ of young horny talent.

Director: Sebastiano Brogi.
Starring: Dennis, John Turner, Leo Sundi, Roman Dvorak, Samuel Crecry, Steven Adalante, Tommie Rossi.

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Studio Private
Released 2003
Run time 1 h 30 min