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Happy And Unhappy Endings


Men tied up and begging to cum.

Robert Axel decides to take a trip down to the massage parlor. Two masseurs oil him up and begin working on every inch of his body. In the midst of Robert's relaxation, he finds himself tied down to the table as the two pervs begin teasing his cock. Robert's screams for help are muffled with their handgags while tit suckers are placed on his nipples. The two pervs edge Robert's cock before he is made to swallow a dildo while another is shoved up his ass. Finally Robert's pushed over the edge as he blows his cum right onto his stomach and is finished off with some post orgasmic torment.

Starring: Robert Axel.

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DVD 8719323393509
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Studio Kink
Released 2017
Run time 1 h 33 min