Exclusive Offer

We offer you opportunity to earn free DVD's just buying our store credits.
One credit is equal to one real dollar.

How it works?

1. You should be 18+ years old and be registered at our store.

2. Buy 100 credits or any amount of 100 you want. 
You will receive code for that value, which can be used anytime for purchase, if necessary.

3. Wait one calendar month and when month will expire, you receive +1% of your total unused credit value. 
You can add more credits every month to make more profit.

4. So, every month your credit will work for you making a profit, that can be spend for buying more DVD's for FREE!

5. And cherry on top! You always can exchange store credits back for real money upon request! 
Just tell us preferable method of payment - via Paypal, via business check or Money order.

Try and our offer will make you happy!