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Loudmouth Is Muffled


Everyone is enjoying their workout at the boxing gym when Alex Adams, a loud muscle head, comes in and starts bossing people around. The guys can't stand his attitude or his obnoxious screams, but they can't help how hot he is, after a quick collaboration, everyone jumps in and wrestles Adam to the ground. Adam's clothes are ripped off as he's tied to the speed bag. The guys take turns giving the loudmouth a few punches to his ripped body and make him pick up all his weights while he's in bondage. After having twenty pounds of weights attached to his balls while crawling across the floor, the guys take turns fucking each of his holes and make him beg for cum.

Starring: Alex Adams, Dayton O'Connor, Morgan Black.

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Studio Kink
Released 2016
Run time 1 h 37 min