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Mating Season


Are You Game?

Our twins are still working in science at the same research lab as before, but this time they are greeted one day at work by Brad and Caleb, two of the labs finest techs. Brad and Caleb convince the twins that they are researching the mating habits of birds. Brad tells the twins that if the girls do sex stuff in front of the birds, they will start to mate. The twins start to do loads of sexual response therapy in front of the birds, including j.o's that eventually lead to fucking Caleb in front of the birds. It's all the sex that you can handle this season, all in the name of science!

Director: Paul Thomas.
Starring: Cassie Courtland, Lacey Love, Lyndsey Love, Taryn Thomas, Evan Stone, Marcus London, Nick Manning, TJ Cummings.

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Studio Vivid Entertainment
Released 2006
Run time 1 h 13 min