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Night Shift Nurses: Kranke 2


Hikaru Kodama can't seem to keep herself out of trouble. Or maybe, she gets her thrills by getting into trouble. Her plunge into a world of sexual obedience has taken an unexpected turn as she unwittingly agrees to become the new wife of the sadistic Dr. Hirasaka. Despite Dr. Hirasaka's emotional plea for marriage, he cannot hide his true desire to keep experimenting on his luscious bride to be. In a twist of fate Ai asks to be "made into a woman" A temptation the doctor can not resist to join in on. This 3 way action will make you twiddle in the middle. A match of raw, diabolical sex games that will ignite the fantasies of perverts the world over. Kranke 2 is the shocking continuation of this mind blowing, chaotic series that will have you screaming, "My ass is not a blender"!

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Studio Adult Source Media
Released 2007
Run time 1 h