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Raw Talent 2


Making It Big Was Never This Hard!

The super sequel to one of the biggest hits of all time is finally here! Picking up where Raw Talent left off, Raw Talent 2 finds Eddie (Jerry Butler) starring in a movie directed by his arch enemy Carolyn (Oyga Vault). What Eddie doesn't know is that his role requires some sexual skills as well - the kind he promised his girlfriend, Nancy (Cassandra Leigh), he wouldn't use on film any more. So the stage is set for some sexy trickery as Eddie tries to get his revenge on Carolyn while keeping Nancy in the dark. Add to this spicy situation, the evil intentions of Carolyn's boyfriend (Buck Adams), an escaped tarantula, and the X-rated debut of Eddie's sister (Jamie Summers) and you have the makings of a blue blockbuster even bigger, bolder, and bawdier than the original!

Director: Jay Paul.
Starring: Adia, Cassandra Leigh, Colleen Brennan, Jamie Summers, Sheena Horne, Tasha Voux, Ashley Moore, Buck Adams, Greg Derek, Jamie Gillis, Jerry Butler, Taliesin.

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Studio VCA Pictures
Released 2005
Run time 1 h 25 min