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Real Sex Diary


Everyone wants to have game.

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary delivers the inventive director/sexy tattooed MILF's candid, intimate footage of her private, after hours hook-ups. With no costumes, set ups or make-up, unscripted reality porn reveals behind the scenes personality. Erotica does not get more naturalistic than the handheld camera phone footage of Dana's visit to stud next door James Deen: Two casually conversational pornographers do what comes naturally on their own time. A tampon string hangs from her vagina as James fucks her asshole! In Dana's living room, she and sensually pervy brunette Adriana Chechik tell porn stories like guys, bitching about wining and dining girls and then getting no sex. Dana stuffs a toy hand up Adrianas lubed anus. At a luxury beach hotel, Dana and young stud Tyler Nixon are visibly nervous till she admits to jerking off to his pics. They make love all over the suite and on the balcony as the waves roar. Dana visits James' place for morning coffee and sex. They discuss their porn past, sex preferences and weird fantasies as they do it, and after a whispering, gasping fuck, he creams in her coffee. She likes it!

Director: Dana Vespoli.
Starring: Adriana Chechik, Dana Vespoli, James Deen, Tyler Nixon.

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Studio DV Productions
Released 2014
Run time 2 h 31 min