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Sexual Power


From A Land Far Away And A Time Long Ago Comes The Legend Of The Golden Mask, Whose Wearer Is Granted The Ultimate Power....

Tex, a lonesome cowboy from Texas, inherits a villa in France...along with a bevy of beauties who live there as well. First, he's greeted by Charlotte, who welcomes him in a way he had never dreamed of. Later that night, he's visited in his bedroom by a shapely vision wearing a bizarre golden mask. She waste no time in showing him her unique talents.Trying to re-discover the 'Girl in the Golden Mask", Tex enlists the aid of some new friends, and they interview all the women there in an attempt to find her. Meanwhile, Tex develops a relationship with the fresh and innocent Pauline, who takes special interest in him and in his quest to find the girl.

Director: Henri Pachard.
Starring: Alicia Monet, Anna Fischer, Laura Lenz, Nina Hartley, Sarah Simms, Roberto Bigo, Titus Sting, Tom Byron.

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Studio Cal Vista
Released 2009
Run time 1 h 19 min