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Switch Hitters 2


Back And More Than Ever Swinging Both Ways.

Last season saw our team scoring more balls than runs. They were down to their last drop of juice. Now it's a new year another chance, and thanks to an unexpected stroke of luck it's a whole new ball game for the Switch Hitters! In fact this time they could go all the way... to the pennant that is, if they could only beef up their batting staff. But how do you attract new meat when you start at the bottom, and try for the top? Simple, just stiffen up, take a deep breath and ch-a-a-a-rge!

Director: Axe Watson, Richard Mailer.
Starring: Alicia Monet, Darlene Day, Gail Force, Georgia Spain, Linda Fury, Lisa Bright, Megan Leigh, Nina Hartley, Jim Bentley, David Diamani, Don Fernando, Mike Horner, Scott O'Hara, Steve Light.

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Studio Metro
Released 2005
Run time 1 h 22 min