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The Uranus Experiment


The classic Private titled re-issued with all new features! What was once science fiction becomes fact in Private's astonishingly ambitious production The Uranus Experiment. With an estimated budget of $750,000, Private captures on camera the very first orgasm in zero gravity! Lifting the XXX genre (and viewers) to historic new heights! Two spacecraft- one American, the other Russian are launched simultaneously. Both believe they are on a common mission: to dock and travel together through space. Their ultimate destination is the seventh planet from the sun, Uranus. With an entire galaxy as their laboratory, the largely female Russian team's secret mission is to learn how the absence of gravity affects human sexuality: male sperm production and female reaction. Before reaching Uranus, an explosive zero-gravity orgy launches bodies and love juices to float gracefully around the space capsule. The historic sex scenes were shot in a special aircraft, flying into an altitude of 35,000 feet, then diving quickly and turning upward again. Precisely the technique used in APOLLO 13. Zero gravity is achieved for about 25-30 seconds and is repeated a couple of times in order to capture all the adventurous action.

Director: John Millerman.
Starring: Bettina Campbell, Caroline Cage, Christina Dark, Cristina, Eva Roberts, Isabella, Julia Taylor, Melody Kord, Nicole Thompson, Silvia Saint, Vanda Vitus, Wanda Curtis, Andrew Youngman, Attila Schuster, Frank Major, James Brossman, John Walton, Max Cortes, Nick Lang, Olivier Sanchez.

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Studio Private
Released 2009
Run time 2 h 30 min