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Ultimate Surrender 9


Intense Brutal Sex Wrestling, Winner Fucks The Loser!

Penny and Holly impose their will on each other in an attempt to win by 'Ultimate Surrender'...an orgasm on the mat to the loser, against their will, ripped out of their cunt while they struggle and fight to get out of a hold. Today, one girl pushes herself too hard and has to quit after only 2 rounds. She'll never live this one down.

Rilynn has been gunning for Daisy and today is her chance to fuck up that pussy. The last 3 minutes of the match the are greatest in sex fight history! The score is neck and neck. The girls have double control, and it comes down to heart: who wants it more? Giving a fuck just took on a whole new meaning...

Both Jayogen and Yasmine show control and sexual domination during the match. This could have gone either way but one wrestler had more heart and just refused to lose. In a brutal round 4, the loser is left with a raw pussy to remind her of her defeat.

Starring: Daisy Ducati, Holly Hearts, Jayogen, Penny Barber, Rilynn Rae, Yasmine Loven.

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Studio Kink
Released 2015
Run time 2 h 22 min