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BB Party At My Place


It’s an invitation via text anyone would have a hard time passing up: BB PARTY @ MY PLACE! Lucas Entertainment captures on camera two sex parties put together on smart phone hookup apps by some of the sexiest performers in the gay porn industry today. This first raw fuck fest features Fostter Riviera, Theo Ford, Alex Lopez, Raul Korso, and Logan Moore. And the second bareback party includes Tomas Brand, Misha Dante, Mark Sanz, Fernando Torres, Fabio Lopez, Alejandro Alvarez, Josh Milk, Joey Pele, and Nick North!

Director: Allen Simmons.
Starring: Alejandro Alvarez, Alex Lopez, Fernando Torres, Fostter Riviera, Joey Pele, Josh Milk, Logan Moore, Mark Sanz, Misha Dante, Nick North, Raul Korso, Theo Ford, Toby Dutch, Tomas Brand.

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Studio Lucas Entertainment
Released 2014
Run time 2 h 54 min