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The Joy Of Fooling Around


Experience the fantasies..... Feel the warmth.....Taste the Flesh!!!!

"... 'THE JOY OF FOOLING AROUND' may have finally reached the final plateau of eroticism... with a fabulous cast, a dynamite story, the entire lush island of Mykonos, and the most astonishing sexual scenes you are ever likely to see, WHAT CAN FOLLOW IT? There is one sexual interlude on the beach (part of which takes place underwater) that I would have though impossible not only to perform but to actually photograph - INCREDIBLE! I was not prepared for what I saw in 'THE JOY OF FOOLING AROUND' - IT IS MORE THAN EROTIC TOUR-DE- ... IT'S A SEUXAL Explosion..." -- Meredith Sinclair, TIMES

Director: Pierre DuBois, Jack Mathews.
Starring: Aleka Kalafati, Carla Messina, Erica Swanson, Jessica Dublin, Kleo Zamidis, Magda Makri, Marga Euer, Monique DuPrez, Samantha Romanou, Theresa Gollum, Valerie Ashley.

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Studio Cal Vista
Released 2009
Run time 1 h 28 min